Frequently Asked Questions

What is the source of Midas Magnesium?

Midas Magnesium sources its magnesium chloride from natural resources in Australia, from pristine inland salt lakes to the cold waters of the Southern Ocean.


What are the benefits of Midas Magnesium?

Magnesium is crucial activator and component of over 300 enzymes responsible for metabolising carbohydrates and proteins and thus most important metabolic manager of our cells.


Why is transdermal application of magnesium chloride so healing?

The skin is a living organ and applying magnesium chloride by transdermal application is the quickest way for the body to absorb the minerals effectively to where they are needed, the cells.


Is Magnesium Chloride an Oil?

Often we see magnesium chloride with the word “oil” added. This is a common misconception. The saturated solution, magnesium chloride presents an oil-like texture when applied to the skin but is not an oil at all.


I sometimes experience a tingly feeling when applying Midas Magnesium?

Some users after applying Midas Magnesium may experience a tingling or mild irritation due to the high concentration of magnesium chloride. Often the tingling can indicate deficiency of the mineral in your system. This is generally harmless and over time reduces in impact. If uncomfortable the solution can be washed off ideally after 20mins.


Can Midas Magnesium be used during pregnancy?

Magnesium chloride is important for both baby and mother however you should check with your physician prior to use and for continued use.


Can Magnesium Chloride be used for those with restless sleep and leg discomfort?

Magnesium in the body acts as a natural nerve and muscle relaxer. If you are deficient in magnesium the topical application of Midas Magnesium will give direct immediate relief and either reduce or get rid of local pain.


Can I apply Midas Magnesium pre or post workout?

There are numerous benefits of having sufficient magnesium in the body at all times. Usage before rigorous activity has been known to increase endurance, stamina, flexibility and even power output and after the workout can assist with muscle recovery. Ideally apply 20-30mins before exercise to reap best benefits.


Can Midas Magnesium be used for better sleeping?

Magnesium plays a critical role in a good night sleep so insufficient magnesium in your body will lead to restless nights. Applying prior to sleep enables you to get a better night sleep. Ideally applied to top of feet before retiring enables you to sleep throughout the night.


Does Magnesium affect allergies including allergy induced asthma?

Deficiency in magnesium can lead to number of inflammatory issues. Conversely magnesium is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Applying Midas Magnesium increase the magnesium levels supporting a healthier respiratory system.


Does Midas Magnesium have an impact on stress and anxiety?

Physical and emotional stress can indicate a magnesium deficiency thus the transdermal application can help increase magnesium in your system thus helping to reduce such conditions.


What are the benefits of Magnesium?

  • For healthy bone and teeth
  • For the heart and circulation
  • For healthy blood pressure
  • For the metabolism
  • For muscle cramps
  • For healthy skin
  • For healthy joints
  • For treating pain and migraines
  • In case of period and menopause complaints
  • In case of stress and sleeping disorders
  • In case of weak immune system
  • In case of depression and anxiety
  • In case of excess weight
  • In case of diabetes
  • In anti-aging therapy
  • For sport and high-performance sport
  • For health care.
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