Sleep Better With Magnesium Oil

Who hasn’t wished for more energy at one time or another? We currently live in sleep deprived times and these times need to be changing. While the reason why we sleep daily somewhat remains a mystery, it is a biological imperative. No one can survive without it – even Guinness Book of Records holder, Randy Gardner, succumbed to slumber after 11 wakeful days. If there is one thing we should do more of, it is acquainting ourselves with the elusive thing we call sleep.

Insufficient shut eye is detrimental to health and quality of life. There is no supplement that replaces sleep and no vitamins that can counteract the effects that bad sleep has on our bodies. Many factors of modern life can get in the way of our best intentions, and we tend to forget that inadequate magnesium may be hurting the quality of sleep we are getting.

Though magnesium is no magic bullet for boosting energy, Dr Raj Dasgupta from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, indicated that it could make us feel relaxed at bedtime and therefore improving the length and quality of sleep. He explained that this mineral has wider-ranging effects in the body - "insomnia, getting good sleep, many of us believe that muscle relaxation is essential for that". Magnesium influences some of the processes that promote sleep by binding to a special neurotransmitter in our bodies called GABA. Dr Dasgupta emphasized, "when we supplement with magnesium, it also binds with that receptor and has anti-anxiety effects". A little spritz of Midas Magnesium goes a long way. It does not mask fatigue but the Midas Magnesium percolates through your skin and into your bloodstream to ensure more restful sleep.

Certainly, establishing healthy sleep habits will allow you to snooze better. We suggest the following PILLOW method:

Power down your digital devices – the soft blue glow may hurt your sleep 
Internal body clock setting – achieved through a consistent sleep schedule 
Lower temperature – we sleep best in a cool environment 
Limit alcohol, nicotine and caffeine consumption – not only can these impair sleep, they can also damage your health 
Only use your bed for sleep 
Wind down with a soothing bedtime ritual with Midas Magnesium oil

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