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I had a problem with my wrist, Dr said it's a carpal tunnel syndrome. Due to my heavy work in service industry. I have been taking medication for quite long. But still there's no changes and the pain is still there. But thanks to Midas Magnesium oil, I can't imagine with that simple I spray 3x a day and now the pain is totally gone. It’s like a magic... This oil is really amazing... I'm so blessed that I tried Midas Magnesium.

Jennifer Briones


Midas Magnesium has given me the legs of a 20 year old. I am not kidding either. I am a triathlete and enjoy regular 10 km runs. Despite reading many articles about pre-exercise foods, I would always get 3/4 of my way into a 10 km or later on in a bike ride and start to feel some cramps or just generally heavy legs. I am officially converted and all I need now is to find a product that give me the lungs of a 20 year old.

Mark Lightfoot


As a head of Physical Education and keen sportsman, Midas Magnesium has made a significant impact on my ability to continue to play sport to a reasonably high intensity and improve the quality of my daily working life. The most impressive feature of Midas is its immediate impact. Magnesium oil can also improve muscle soreness and improve breathing. I cannot recommend this product enough, it is simply Midas!

Richard Stockings

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